2020 was supposed to be such an easy election year for the United States. The current sitting President, Victor Jaimason, was running unopposed for re-election, and he was expecting it to stay that way. The Speaker of the House, Scott Redwinn, had the perfect life with his wife Savanna. He was actually rather close with the president. It never crossed his mind that he would step up to challenge his dear friend.

Everything changed when Scott picked up a nineteen-year-old prostitute who was indebted to the Mexican Drug Cartel. She only stayed at his home for one night, but the next morning, when a Cartel Enforcer came to take her to take her off to pay for her debt, he also took Savanna with her.

This pushed Scott passed the edge of sanity and caused him to announce his candidacy for President of the United States, and that is only the beginning of his downward spiral. When he learns the truth about the young woman he picked up, things go from bad to worse...

Candidates, Cartel, and Chaos (Book One of Two)

Special Edition

Candidates, Cartel, and Chaos


The Rise and Fall of Ecstasy

For a mother, burying her children is the hardest thing in the world, especially when the caskets are empty. For Tokyo, this was the situation she was now put in. It had been six months since her children, Kay and Nicholas, had gone missing. Now the Colombian police were issuing death certificates.

Will the Chaos end for Tokyo? Find out in the epic conclusion to my book Candidates Cartel and Chaos. 

Part One + Part  Two

All in One Book 

The Rise and Fall of Ecstasy 

​(Book Two of Two)

2020 Series