Sterling Emmal:

                 Shock Value Author 

Most people on death row think they actually die at their public execution, and some do—but that is a rare occasion. Most are just given a strong sedative that simulates the process of dying. Then they are taken to a place known as The Farm. The Farm is a top-secret government facility designated for Compliance Training—a process that can only be described as the highest form of torture. No one knows this better than Ajax Saber, a former vigilante killer who was sentenced to death in 2017. 
After suffering—willingly—through a year of Compliance Training, Ajax was given the unique, but controversial opportunity to work as a Compliance Specialist by a high ranking superior officer who answers only to a mysterious life-form called the Higher Up—a powerful alien who has the United States Government under his total control. The Higher Up has one goal: The complete and total genocide of the Human Race.
When Ajax learns the truth will she be able to rise up and stop the destruction, or will it be too late to save all of humanity?



"My writing has always my pathway to escape reality for a few moments and enter into a plot line that I control. By reading my work you will enter the twisted catacombs of my mind, so tread with caution, embrace the darkness, and enjoy if you dare."           

                                                            -Sterling Emmal

Current Work In Progress:

The Farm 

Enjoy If You Dare